Official Agios Spyridon Corfu

Agios Spyridon Corfu Official

Saint Spyridon , the miraculous and Saint of Corfu

Message of his eminence Bishop of Corfu , Paxoi and Diapontian Islands Nektarios

The history and the tradition of our local Church from 1456 is imminently connected with Saint Spyridon. The arrival of his holy relic from Istanbul, his staying in Corfu, the built of his church along with the establishment of five big feasts based on Him led the christians to believe that Corfu cannot exist without Him. But even our local Church owes Him a lot. Not only did He protect it during the hard times of the Venetian Occupation, but also from other foreign occupations. French, Russians, English, Italians and Germans have passed over our island, staying for different lapses of time.

Saint Spyridon saved our island from Turkish people and other invaders as well, especially in 1716. Moreover, he saved our orthodox faith and tradition, as the Corfiots saw him as a refuge, as consolation, as a father in sadness and difficulties. They shared with Him their happy moments too. They baptize their children,they bless their rings of engagement,they make weddings, they pray while lighting up their candles and letting their hearts be calm, give thanks and feel that there is a bridge towards God. Our local Church sees faith and hope in the real God through Saint Spyridon, depicted in people's faces.

However, Saint Spyridon's pilgrimage constitutes precious help for our Metropolis in total. The pilgrimage supports the enormous spiritual, social and philantropic effort of our Church. Because of it, we can help those in need and the poor ones. We support the work of youth through our campsite.
Through our radio station. Through our social market. We employ people who try to support their families.

The pilgrimage is the actual core of our spiritual ministry, eucharistic life, preaching. It creates and preserves events for the protection of our tradition and our local identity. However, it is not only Corfu as a place, but also its Metropolis inseparably connected with it.

During your browsing in this site, you will discover the aforementioned relationship along with other material.
For this reason, through you can see and get information for every action of our local Church, its history, its tradition, the past and the present. In order to celebrate the name of God and everyone, through the paryers to our Saint Spyridon, to feel that our faith is alive, blesses, supports and gives meaning and hope to each one of us. We wish you a pleasant browsing!

With paternal greetings and love in Christ,
Bishop of Corfu , Paxoi and Diapontian Islands

Agios Spyridon

The church opens at 6.30. Matins begin at 7.30 from Monday to Saturday and at 7.00 on Sundays.
The Divine Liturgy begins at 8.30, Mondays to Saturdays and it ends at 9.30. Sundays at 10.30
Saint Spyridon's relic can be venerated every day after the Divine Liturgy until 1am and in the afternoon at 17.00 till the beginning of the Vesper.

Useful info

Vespers begin in 18.00 in October, November and February till March, at 17.30 in December and January and at 19.00 from April till September.

The church closes 30-60 minutes after the end of the Vesper which lasts 45 minutes from October till March. From June till September, it closes at 20.30 and in August at 9.30-10.30