Office structure – Official Agios Spyridon Corfu

Office structure

Holy Metropolis Of Corfu

Head Office

Corfu (Platytera Area) , Post Code 49100
P.O. Box 438 , Telephone Numbers: (+3026610) 39912
Fax 26610.41470 , E-mail:

Bishop Nektarios

Tel: (+30.26615) 51974 number choice 4003

Private Office of Metropolitan

Director : Christos Desyllas, History Ph.D- Theologist
Originator : father Thomas Kastamonitis
Tel. (+3026610) 39912 (internal number choice 4001)
Email :


Archimandrite Ioustinos Konstantas
Tel.(+30.26615) 51977 (internal number choice 4005)

General Prelatic Church Warden

Archpriest Themistoklis Mourtzanos
Theology, Ph.D. & Philologist
Tel. & fax (+30.26610) 81814 (internal number choice 4007) Email

Prelatic Church Warden of the Corfiots

Archpriest Spyridon Provatas
Tel. (+30.26610) 81185 (internal number choice 4009)

Administrative Staff



Konstantinos Thymis, Theologist-Historian
Tel. (+3026610) 39409 (internal number choice 4008)

Wedding Office

Archpriest Ioannis Vlassis and Archpriest Spyridon Triantafyllos
Tel.(+3026615) 51973 (internal number choice 4002)

Οffice for Divorces

Father Georgios Bogdanos, Theologist
t Tel.(+3026615) 51978 (internal number choice 4006)

Scrivener - Archivist-Protocol

Father Georgios Bogdanos, Theologist
Tel.(+3026615) 51978 (internal number choice 4006)

Press Office

Archpriest Themistoklis Mourtzanos
Archpriest Dimitrios Vasiliadis
Tel.(+3026610) 26610 80060 , fax (+3026610) 25862

Accountant’s Office

Nikodimos Mamalos
Archpriest Dimitrios Koskinas
Tel. (+3026610) 39037 (internal number choice 4010)

Technical service

Nikolas Makropoulos
Tel. (+30.26615) 51986 (internal number choice 4012)

General Charitable Fund “O AGIOS SPYRIDON”

Cachier Archpriest , Vasilios Hondrogiannis
Social Worker:, Maria Ntogka
Tel.(+3026615) 51985 (internal number choice 4011)



Metropolitan board

President: His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios
Members: Father Ioannis Vlassis, Father dimitrios Koulouris, Dimitrios Pouliezos, Accountant, Spyridon Dragomanovits- Legal Consultant, Spyridon Fagogenis, church Consultant, Spyridon Vlantos Church consultant Secretary: Konstantinos Thymis

Bishopric Court

President:: His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios
Members: Father Spyridon Provatas, Father Ioannis Vlassis, Substitute Members: Father Dionisios Karidis and Father Dimitrios Koulouris Secretary: Father Athanasios Kokkinopoulos

Local Council for economical affairs referring to priests affairs (T.P.O.E.K.E.)

President: His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios
Secretary: Father Georgios Vlachos
Accountant: Nikodimos Mamalos
Cavhier: Father Dimitiros Koskinas

Legal Service of the Holy Metropolis

Vasileios Provatas and Spyridon Dragomanovich, Lawyers

Technical Service of the Holy Metropolis

Head: Nikolaos Makropoulos Members: Michail Pandis
Topographer, Maria Aspioti Architecture engineer.

Historical Archives of the Holy Metropolis

Head: Christos Desyllas


Konstantinos Trivizas


Procopios Caridis

More Info

Parish churches ,183
Holy places of Worshipping , 5
Chapels , 360
Cemetery temples , 20
Private churches , 72
Monasteries , 25

More Info

Priests. University Graduate , 42
Ecclesiastical Academy Graduate , 13
High School Graduate , 70
Primary School Graduate , 47
Single , 27
Married ,145
Priests ,169
Deacons , 3
Total ,172
Retired Priests , 31