Youth movement Office – Official Agios Spyridon Corfu

Youth movement Office

The catechetical and generally the activities for the young people in our local Church are organised by the Youth Office of our Metropolis. Holy Metropolis's catechetical offering is structured in all levels not only of primary and secondary but also of higher education.

This effort marks together with the intellectual cultivation of children in Orthodox life, and their development of initiatives and performances in cultural, entertaining and athletic fields.

In parishes, Catechetical schools operate every weekend for boys and girls of elementary schools. In some parishes also, there are catechetical gatherings for boys and girls of High and Secondary school. Holy Metropolis's clerics and a group of other people support this effort and it's worth mentioning that all the catechists either men or women, are all students or scientists.

Among the most important events of the Youth Office are:

- Institution for education of the catechists for annual attending, which aims to the better training of the present and the future catechists. This Institution has been working for 14 years already.

- The festivities of Christmas, other ones for the end of the missionary period and so on.

-The cultural and athletic events, the expeditions and excursions and the Centres for the Youth.

- The youth magazine "Vimata" and the release and distribution of information brochures, special editions, posters and so on.

- The cooperation with theologians of the Corfiot schools, the lectures and open discussions especially of the young Priests with the pupils at special events carried out in schools.

- The Camping for the Youth which operates every summer in Kassiopi.