Saint Spyridon’s memory celebrations , 11.12.2017 – Official Agios Spyridon Corfu
Saint Spyridon
After Constantine died, his son Konstantios was very fond of Arian heresy. While being in Antiocheia he became severly ill, without having any chance of getting better. After seeing Saint Spyridon in his sleep, Konstantios invited him to his palace along with his student Saint Trifillios. The moment Saint Spyridon arrived to see the king, he cured him and he advised him to pay attention to his mental health too, since he was in danger of losing the real faith. The king offered him many gifts in order to thank him and Saint Spyridon gave them to his people in Cyprus. Saint Spyridon lived with expectations of eternal life. He did the divine service as if he was in front of God, along with the choirs of Angels and Saints. One Day, during the liturgy, he was along with his laybrother and he said "Peace be unto all " and the latter listened the choir of Angels to reply "And with thy spirit". Saint Spyridon prayed all the time. Moreover, one day, the candlelamp was about to stop providing light due to lack of oil. And then, Spyridon asked God to give his blessing to the candlelamp and it overflew. That oil was enough to provide light for the whole church for many days.
Saint Spyridon’s memory celebrations 2017

Saint Spyridon’s memory celebrations , 11.12.2017

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  1. Adriana Samson says:

    I would like to thank you very much for the posts. It means a lot to me: it keeps me going through all the difficult challenges I face by knowing that Saint Spyridon is there to watch and protect us all. I wish you a very good ahead with all is good for you and keep on posting from Saint Spyridon.

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